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We do more than place you in a job.

The recruiters at MS Hospitality are an invaluable resource, trusted advisors and advocates who will be at your side – and on your side – as you move ahead with your career. Work with seasoned hospitality recruitment professionals who speak your language and are committed to helping you find your choice of jobs in the hospitality industry and reach your career goals.

We listen, we consult and we take action:

  • Discuss your career direction and personal and professional goals
  • Identify hospitality industry jobs that are a true fit for your career
  • Network across the country to find out what companies are hiring and where the best jobs are

Our goal is to find you that perfect fit between your skills and experience and the right career opportunity!

Some additional reasons why MS Hospitality should be your recruiting firm of choice:

  • Industry Experts: MS Hospitality recruiters are hospitality industry experts and have all held management- and/or executive-level positions within the restaurant, hotel, resort or country club industry.
  • Confidential Job Search: All the information you provide will be held in the strictest of confidence. Your information will never be presented or shared with any company without your prior approval.
  • Successful Track Record: MS Hospitality has been recruiting for 5+ years and our firm has placed thousands of mid-level and executive-level hospitality industry professionals across the country.
  • Access to Positions Not Posted: We know about jobs that are not posted on job boards or on the Internet. Many of these will include jobs where the search is confidential or just not posted yet. Some of our clients choose to only use our firm exclusively because of our timeliness and efficiencies rather than conducting a search on their own.
  • Nationwide Opportunities: MS Hospitality has access to the most exciting hospitality career opportunities from coast-to-coast. We have developed long-term relationships with our clients and have earned trust over time.
  • Your Personal Advocate: Often, there are multiple qualified candidates for an open position. The recruiters at MS Hospitality will help coach you through the interviewing process and follow up with the hiring managers at companies to give you the best chance of getting a job.
  • Candid & Honest Feedback: The recruiters at MS Hospitality are trained to provide you with timely feedback regarding your status. We will be frank about your skills and experience, and realistic about the opportunities that may be available to you.
  • Ongoing Relationship: If we don’t find your ideal opportunity immediately, we will retain your information and reach out to you when other great opportunities arise that are a fit for your background. We’re not just headhunters for the hospitality industry, restaurant manager headhunters or hotel management headhunters who treat you like just another trophy. We are true career partners.